Education & Early Career

In 1986 Greenidge migrated from Trinidad and Tobago to the United States. At Sixteen years of age and fresh out of high school, Greenidge was eager to begin their professional career. After completing the entrance exam at Hunter College and qualifying for a second year, Greenidge took a part-time job as a telemarketer at Kirby Vacuums. Impressed by the sales process at the company, Carleen decided to give up a steady wage of  $4.65/hr for compensation composed strictly of commission. During the first week, Carleen made over $1,000, and by the age of seventeen, Greenidge had made over $70,000 in commission. With a natural talent for sales, Carleen continued to generate five figures annually as a teenager and into their youth. 

Greenidge remained at Kirby until the age of nineteen, and despite receiving many accolades, the most important lesson Carleen took away from the experience is that hard work and determination are fundamental to success. It was while working at Kirby that Carleen decided to leave college and pursue a career in sales.

Working In The Transportation Industry

In 1990 Greenidge moved on to the transportation industry, and after gaining relevant work experience decided to take the leap and launch their first business in 1995. However, soon after establishing the first venture, Greenidge realized it would be next to impossible to secure adequate funding and was forced to shift the attention to various other projects. 

Despite the setbacks and challenges faced in those early days, Greenidge has successfully advanced in the field. Carleen has worked in, developed and managed every aspect of the transportation industry, safety & compliance, capacity, dispatch, claims, operations, training, etc. and has generated over $100 Million in sales. 

In 1997, Greenidge became certified as a Certified Moving Consultant from the American Moving & Storage Association, and studied the RIM ” Registered International Mover” and Claims Analyst course with that association.

Recent Projects

In 2017 Carleen founded Mango Capital Inc., a small business loan brokerage and has partnered with some of the largest alternative lenders in the industry with access to over $500,000,000 monthly in cash to extend to small businesses. During that year, Carleen also founded and launched a small business credit builder platform to assist small businesses in becoming fundable and giving them access to capital. 

25 years after opening the first company, Greenidge is now the proud holder of a range of transportation and logistics companies. Currently, Carleen owns companies such as Road Scholar Staffing, Yellowstone Transportation Group, Mango Capital, Speedy Dispatch Solutions, JEP Insurance Group, Greenidge Transportation Group, and Exact Accounting Solutions.

In the past 12 months alone, Greenidge’s entrepreneurial ventures have grown significantly; they show notable promise for future expansion in the coming years. More than anything, Carleen looks forward to gaining further experience in the field and moving several companies towards further expansion. 

In addition to the launch and acquisition of their own companies, Greenidge’s background in the transportation and logistics field has also included a range of partnerships with prominent industry leaders. Throughout the course of Greenidge’s career, Carleen has worked with companies such as Mayflower Van Lines, National Van Lines, Bekins Van Lines, Signature Van Lines, and Certified Moving Consultants.